Put your product vision to the test with a pilot evaluation!

What is a Pilot Evaluation?

Pilot programs assess the feasibility of your digital products such as websites, mobile apps, web apps, and more before scaling up. This testing stage with global UX experts allows time to critique, test, and improve the evaluation design and administration. A pilot study sets the stage for long-term market success. Rather than investing an entire budget into the product without knowing the outcome, a pilot helps to verify the approach, target audience, and method required to reach the goal. A pilot study helps your organization understand which path is the best suited for unique objectives, timelines, and budgets. Through the pilot survey, you will learn if the approach you planned for your digital product is effective or if you need to change gears due to unforeseen issues

How do I submit for a Pilot evaluation at Useralia?


Sign up or log in to the Useralia platform. If you're new, complete the registration process to create an account.

Submit Details

Once logged in, provide detailed information about your product including description, app prototype links, website URL, evaluation type, objectives, target audience, and any specific areas you want the experts to focus on.

Customise Evaluation Criteria

Useralia offers the flexibility to customize evaluation criteria based on your specific needs. Tailor the evaluation criteria to match the aspects you want the experts to focus on during the Pilot assessment.

Submit for Evaluation

Once all details are filled in, submit your product for Pilot evaluation through the Useralia platform. This action initiates the evaluation process.

Evaluation Process

We assign experts from the Useralia network to assess your digital product based on the provided criteria.

Receive Evaluation Report

Upon completion of the evaluation, Useralia experts will generate a comprehensive report summarizing the findings, strengths, weaknesses, and actionable recommendations derived from the Pilot assessment.

Why Us?

You may have a well-established product on the market to which you want to add new functionalities as part of a scaling process. If any of those new functionalities are genuinely new ideas or concepts, with a PoC Evaluation, Useralia can help by generating information to reduce risk and save time and money

Access to Global Expertise

Quality Assessments

Tailored Evaluation Criteria

Objective and Unbiased Feedback


Efficient Evaluation Process

Consider a Pilot Evaluation if you are


New ventures seeking to ensure a website, mobile app, or other digital product’s usability and user satisfaction before launch


Individuals developing digital products who want expert insights to refine their offerings


Organizations aiming to enhance existing digital products or launch new ones

Product Managers

Professionals overseeing digital product development seeking comprehensive feedback


Individuals or teams creating and building user interfaces, functionalities, and experiences

Marketers/Sales Teams

Individuals or teams seeking insight to address customer pain points, looking to improve the marketability and appeal of their digital product

UX/UI Specialists/

Professionals interested in third-party evaluations to supplement their assessments

Ready to validate your digital product’s potential?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pilot evaluation on Useralia?

A Pilot evaluation is an initial assessment conducted by experienced, global UX experts to provide comprehensive feedback on a digital product’s usability, functionality, and overall user experience.

How does the Pilot evaluation process work?

During a Pilot evaluation, diverse UX experts thoroughly examine digital products such as mobile apps, websites, and more based on predetermined criteria. They explore its usability, design, navigation, and functionality to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

Who conducts the Pilot evaluations on Useralia?

Pilot evaluations are carried out by skilled UX professionals and specialists from various parts of the world. These experts bring diverse perspectives and expertise to ensure a comprehensive evaluation of the digital product.

What criteria are used to assess a digital product during a Pilot evaluation?

The criteria for evaluation typically include usability, accessibility, visual design, user interface, navigation, functionality, responsiveness, and overall user experience. These criteria may vary based on the nature of the product being assessed.

How long does a Pilot evaluation take?

The duration of a Pilot evaluation can vary depending on the complexity and scope of the digital product. Generally, it may take several days to assess the product and compile a detailed evaluation report thoroughly.

What deliverables can I expect from a Pilot evaluation?

After the evaluation process is completed, you’ll receive a comprehensive report outlining the findings, recommendations, and actionable insights from the experts. This report will offer valuable guidance for improving the user experience of your digital product.

How can I submit my digital product for a Pilot evaluation on Useralia?

To initiate a Pilot evaluation, you can sign up on the Useralia platform and submit your website, mobile app, web app, and more for consideration. Once submitted, our experts analyze the requirements & get started based on finalized agreements.

How much does a Pilot evaluation cost?

Pricing for a Pilot evaluation may vary based on the complexity and scale of the digital product being assessed. Useralia typically provides pricing details based on the specific requirements of the evaluation. You can check the pricing during the submission process.

Can I request specific areas to focus on during the Pilot evaluation?

Absolutely! Useralia allows you to specify particular areas or aspects of your digital product that you want the experts to focus on during the evaluation. This ensures that the assessment aligns with your priorities and objectives.

Will the information about my digital product be kept confidential?

Yes, Useralia prioritizes confidentiality and ensures that all information shared about your digital product remains secure and confidential throughout the evaluation process—experts involved in the evaluation sign non-disclosure agreements to maintain confidentiality.

How is the cost of an evaluation calculated?

After a customer registers a project, they will receive a quote from the admin. Upon acceptance, 50% of it has to be paid before the project is kickstarted. The remaining 50% is to be paid before the final report is sent to the customer.

Can I cancel a project?

If a project is canceled before it starts, then the customer will be refunded a certain percentage of his/her initial payment after a cancellation fee. However, if the project has already started, the customer can still terminate it, but he/she will not receive any refund