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What is a Go-to-market Evaluation?

While your digital product such as a website, mobile app, or web app may be ready for launch – a go-to-market evaluation by global experts can help to launch with confidence and ensure success. A go-to-market evaluation provides insights into product readiness. Truly evaluating whether the product is ready for launch can increase the chances of product success. Useralia experts help define unique value propositions to position the product for a successful launch

How do I submit for a Go-To-Market Evaluation at Useralia?


Sign up or log in to the Useralia platform. If you're new, complete the registration process to create an account.

Submit Details

Once logged in, provide detailed information about your product including description, app prototype links, website URL, evaluation type, objectives, target audience, and any specific areas you want the experts to focus on.

Customise Evaluation Criteria

Useralia offers the flexibility to customize evaluation criteria based on your specific needs. Tailor the evaluation criteria to match the aspects you want the experts to focus on during the go-to-market evaluation.

Submit for Evaluation

Once all details are filled in, submit your product for go-to-market evaluation through the Useralia platform. This action initiates the evaluation process.

Evaluation Process

We assign experts from the Useralia network to assess your digital product based on the provided criteria.

Receive Evaluation Report

Upon completion of the evaluation, Useralia experts will generate a comprehensive report summarizing the findings, strengths, weaknesses, and actionable recommendations derived from the go-to-market evaluation.

Why Us?

You may have a well-established product on the market to which you want to add new functionalities as part of a scaling process. If any of those new functionalities are genuinely new ideas or concepts, with a PoC Evaluation, Useralia can help by generating information to reduce risk and save time and money

Access to Global Expertise

Quality Assessments

Tailored Evaluation Criteria

Objective and Unbiased Feedback


Efficient Evaluation Process

Consider a go-to-market evaluation if you are

Product Owners/

Those overseeing digital product launches or market entries can use go-to-market evaluations to fine-tune strategies, ensuring successful introductions and maximizing impact

Sales & Marketing Teams

Teams involved in selling products or services benefit from go-to-market evaluations that provide insights into customer needs, enabling them to tailor their approach for more effective sales pitches

Startup Founders

Entrepreneurs starting new ventures need go-to-market evaluations to navigate initial market entry, ensuring their offerings resonate with customers and stand out amid competition

Business Development

Professionals seeking to expand into new markets or demographics use go-to-market evaluations to understand market dynamics and adapt strategies for successful penetration

Investors and Stakeholders

Individuals or groups investing in new ventures can leverage go-to-market evaluations to assess the market fit and potential success of the projects they are considering funding

Digital Transformation Teams

Organizations undergoing digital transformations benefit from go-to-market evaluations to ensure their digital initiatives are effectively introduced to the market, maximizing their impact

Service Providers

Companies offering various services, such as consulting, technology, or software solutions, can use go-to-market evaluations to refine their service launch strategies and target specific client segments more effectively

Nonprofit Organizations

NGOs and other nonprofits launching digital initiatives or services can use go-to-market evaluations to ensure their offerings effectively serve their target audience and fulfill their mission

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Go-To-Market evaluation?

A go-to-market evaluation assesses the strategy, tactics, and readiness of a product or service for market launch. It involves analyzing various elements such as target audience, messaging, channels, and competitive landscape.

Why is a go-to-market evaluation important for my digital product/service?

A go-to-market evaluation ensures that your product/service launch is well-planned, targeted, and positioned to succeed in the market. It helps optimize resources, reduce risks, and better understand customer needs.

What does Useralia's go-to-market evaluation process entail?

Our process involves in-depth market research, competitor analysis, audience segmentation, messaging refinement, channel selection, and performance measurement. We tailor the process to fit your product/service.

How long does a go-to-market evaluation typically take?

The duration varies depending on the complexity of the product/service and market dynamics. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months for a comprehensive evaluation.

What deliverables can I expect from Useralia's go-to-market evaluation?

You’ll receive a detailed report outlining insights, recommendations, and an actionable go-to-market strategy. This might include target audience profiles, messaging frameworks, channel recommendations, and metrics for success.

Is a go-to-market evaluation a one-time process, or should it be revisited regularly?

Go-to-market evaluations should be ongoing, especially with evolving markets and customer needs. Periodic assessments ensure your strategy stays relevant and effective.

How is the cost of an evaluation calculated?

After a customer registers a project, they will receive a quote from the admin. Upon acceptance, 50% of it has to be paid before the project is kickstarted. The remaining 50% is to be paid before the final report is sent to the customer.

Can I cancel a project?

If a project is canceled before it starts, then the customer will be refunded a certain percentage of his/her initial payment after a cancellation fee. However, if the project has already started, the customer can still terminate it, but he/she will not receive any refund